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APK for Seicane

Disable Cortana

Splashtop Hawkins Install

Additional Installs

Splashtop Viewer (The Purple One!!!)

KClient Install

KClient Desktop 32bit

KClient Desktop 64bit

Nissan Open Trust

3CX Client for Windows 10

Kerridge Watcher


Adobe Reader Install

Thunderbird Install

Libre Office Install

Next Cloud Client

Disk Clone Tool

Dymo Old Version

Printer Driver - HP Universal

Printer Driver - Konica C3110

Printer Driver - Konica C3320i

Kclient Scanner Standard

Kclient Scanner PocketPC

X3G Service Pack

Unifi Setup Windows DHCP

Thunderbird - Turn off threading set mailnews.default_view_flags to = 0

Local user command lusrmgr.msc

Set everything to private network
## Change NetWorkConnection Category to Private
#Requires -RunasAdministrator

Get-NetConnectionProfile |
Where{ $_.NetWorkCategory -ne 'Private'} |
ForEach {
$_|Set-NetConnectionProfile -NetWorkCategory Private -Confirm

Full printer driver command:- printui /s /t2